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We purchased this machine after having to combination feed our new son six months ago. I spent about two weeks running up and down stairs getting ready made formula out of the fridge, feeding my child and then returning it to the fridge. It was a nightmare. My sister-in-law recommended this machine and it is without doubt the best thing we have purchased since I found out I was pregnant.
Makes a bottle of formula in two minutes
Clear instructions on how to prepare formula
Clear light indicators as to when machine needs refilling or cleaning
Attractive - Choose from white, black, blue, red or turquoise
Only had to change the filter once in six months
Quite noisy
Lights are bright - we find it turns our baby from drowsy to alert quite quickly as the lights flash
Not recommended by Health Visitors

The last point is due to the temperature not being consistent enough to kill all the bacteria in the formula. You have to use your own judgement on this. Is it more consistent than a kettle? As someone who has burnt her hand a number of times on the hot water I am confident the machine produces boiling water. Our baby has never had a problem with it.

on 8 February 2017 (Amazon UK customer )

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