fun game outdoor young kids, easy to fly Rainbow Kite lifetime warranty, Easter deals £8.77

Absolutely BRILLIANT kite!
I bought it for my three grandchildren not myself....honest!!ha
They have a video game with kites on and the little one, who is three, really lived that they were colourful and flew in the wind. I also thought it was a good thing to get them out in the fresh air. And so we did. It was a beautiful mid February, Tuesday afternoon. Sunny blue sky but not much breeze. We gave it a go anyway and we were not disappointed. I think the phrase is "up, up and away" it went on the slightest of breeze. I was very impressed and the boys had a fantastic time. It was the first time they'd flown a kite and it won't be the last. As we walked off the field in a rapidly darkening twilight they were already imagining "flying out kite" when we go to the Yorkshire coast in the summer.

Thank you for brining the joy to my heart

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