nothing bluetack, perfect put up poster, glue stick, UHU White Tack Twin Pack - £2.88

Great stuff. I used these for Christmas decs these year, I had a couple of garlands and a string of lights I wanted to decorate the stairs bannister and of course My husband was out when I needed to do this, so I initially used this to hold things in place whilst I could get some other fixings to hold everything in place. I discovered that in fact I needed very little else as it did a great job all by itself. I also used it to hang some very good quality and therefore easonable heavy bunting in my kitchen and it stayed in place right over the festive season. Additionally it left absolutely no marks on either my newly pained bannister of my kitchen white walls. Well impressed and yes I would recommend this product, in fact I already have.

Deal Price: £2.88
hurry have UHU White Tack Twin Pack - Sticky Reusable Adhesive Putty - limited stock
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