Good story kindle £0.99 : The Concealed by Sarah Kleck,The Lakewood Series Book-1

‘They say time heals all wounds. I am still waiting…’ From the opening lines of Sarah Kleck’s romantic fantasy, I found myself so completely immersed in our heroine Evelyn’s plight that I pushed aside other plans—no laundry, dinner or favourite TV show. I sensed that something more than coincidence lay behind the mysterious death of Evelyn’s parents years before and the recent—seemingly random—murder of her sister. But this is no crime story. The Concealed is a fantastical love story of truly mythic proportions.

The pages flew by as I followed Evelyn to Oxford, where she experiences love at first sight when she encounters the enigmatic and intense Jared. My incredulity at learning the truth about Evelyn’s family and her legacy mirrored her own. What initially seemed to be a story of tortured attraction quickly proved to be both darker and more epic. My laundry remained unwashed.

The Concealed is a tale of a journey toward self-discovery and a quest for truth, rich with mysterious and secretive characters, shocking revelations, and menacing supernatural forces that grow more threatening as the story unfolds.

The final pages left me eager for the second book, The Revealed, in which we learn the fate of Jared and Evelyn, and the secrets that inextricably bind them. Their quest to remain united is nothing short of a battle between good and evil. Luckily I don’t have too long to wait, because The Revealed is released in November 2016.

A final note: an earlier version of The Concealed was briefly published by the author. We’re proud to present the fully edited and reworked version.

The Concealed (The Lakewood Series Book 1)

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