sweep dirt and pet hair, not heavy, Pet Vacuum Cleaner, Vax U84-AL-Pe Lowest,£94.99

I previously had a Vax U90 Air model which I thought was a good unit and it was, until the new kid on the block moved in!
From the off this vacuum cleaner (its so difficult to not type the H word) feels well put together. For Vax users all will be familiar from the layout of the unit to controls however there are a few changes. The older model used to let you use the hose and its extender to go to places you previously couldn't reach such as all the way up the stairs. I always thought this was a good idea but now i see the error of its ways! Now the entire cylinder comes off in your hand and you can then take it where you want. The previous setup with a massive hose (calm it) involved a bit of a fight and you always were lacking a couple of inches (jesus) and then the base unit would decide to mobilise and follow you on its wheels or just fall over. With the cylinder coming loose the power cable is the only thing holding you back, power cables dont fight, they just reach their limit and thats it. It also means you can angle your end (Im going to hell) to penetrate deep into any crevice (ok im done)
Emptying is easy as usual with the Vax uprights as it cleaning the brush. Suction wise its awesome, I did a test of using my old one, then going over it with the new one, lots more suction in this one, not sure if thats because its filter is new or not but Im not complaining. Where this does have an extra bit of functionality is the flap for which floor you are on, you adjust how much air can be let in from the top to stop it sticking to the floor completely which can happen quite a lot with rugs or door mats and was a massive pain for me with the last one.
What else.... its blue, so nicer than the purple, its light,ooh it turns really nicely with a kind of kids trike steering action and corners much better, it also bends almost flat so you can get under beds and other areas. It has an accessory for pet hair covered sofas but I don't have pets, or hair but I did try it and it makes a good whirring noise.
All in all im not sure you can do much better without taking the inevitable step up to a Dyson and for an upright you are probably talking an extra £100 on top of this, which I should probably spend on therapy instead.

Vax U84-AL-Pe Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum Cleaner - Silver/Blue [Energy Class A]
Easterdeals £94.99 & FREE Delivery in the UK.
£94.99 & FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • One of the UK's lightest lift-out1 cylinder for easy above the floor and stair cleaning
  • Powerful, multi-cyclonic technology for no loss of suction
  • Steerable technology allows you to navigate smoothly around furniture and obstacles
  • Ideal for homes with pets
  • Steerable for easy manoeuvrability around the home 


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