Pre Order Steam Link, Model: V000694-XX, PC, Electronics, Good Connect £24.49+£4.49

Excellent device. Few things to consider:
. Do not pay over £39.99 as this is the RRP and you can always find it for this price, often cheaper (was £16 at GAME, what a steal)
. It's kind-of plug and play but I would say it's better to be a little technically adept (see next two points)
. You should be signed up to the Steam beta client on the host PC (Google it if you don't know what that is)
. Make sure your streaming settings are correct, e.g. if you have an AMD GPU don't be using the Intel/nVidia codecs or you will get terrible performance! For me these settings were not correct and I was getting poor performance at first.
. Can be used over stable WiFi but it's not recommended. However don't fret as you can run this over powerline adaptors as if it was a true wired connection (provided the wiring in your house is decent, your mileage may vary)
. This requires a host PC to stream the games from, the game will be running on said PC and so you cannot use it while using the Link.
. Consider getting the matching controller. Personally I have enjoyed it for mouse driven games (e.g. RTS games) but I haven't used it enough to be completely won over for games I would normally use an Xbox controller for. The customisation is insane though so be prepared to put some work in finding a good config!

Overall I would recommend if you have the money to spare, it's really a bargain for what it offers. If you're like me and sometimes fancy a PC game of an evening but would rather sprawl out on the sofa!

In stock on April 10, 2017.
Order it now. (amazon)

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