low noise sport headset, budget 15 pound, TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones

I don't normally wear headphones when I cycle because I remember my mum saying she'd kill me if I did when I was 13. I obviously didn't want that to happen. Now I'm nearly 30, I don't live with my mum any more and so I thought, I'll give it a go. I bought these headphones and shoved them in my ears (after charging). Firstly, very comfy, and actually I think they're so discrete I could have had them in when I was 13 and my mum probably wouldn't have noticed.
Anyway, I popped them in my ears after syncing them to my iPhone so I could listen to the FT Economics podcast on my cycle to work (actually Taylor Swift, shhhhh) and started peddling away. A matter of minutes into my journey and I pulled out in front of a car and SMACK! I was hit. First reaction - "my mum has hunted me down". Not true, it was someone else. However, my point is that the sound quality is so immersive and surrounding and the FT Economics podcast was so loud (wink face) that I didn't hear the car. Or its loud horn apparently.
Top notch headphones basically. But don't wear them when you cycle, or my mum (or someone else's mum) will get you. They always get you. Top Review on 24 Nov. 2016 by trusted customer

seller : Sunvalleytek-UK on amazon.co.uk - 2 available

  1. Built-in magnets let you attach the two headphones together when not using, and wear like a necklace around your neck, a convenient way to carry around when you don't need them
  2. Comfortable in-ear design, snug and secure, make sure the headset stay put and your music stays smooth when you are running, cycling, exercising and doing other activities
  3. Noise Isolation technology reduces outside noises, enable clearer microphone sound when talking to your family or friends; you get high quality, hands-free phone conversation even on the street or inside shopping mall
  4. Latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology; easy and fast pairing with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices; aptX codec provides pure, CD-like high quality sound for compatible devices.
  5. Works with all smartphone, tablets and other Bluetooth music player. Up to 5 hours of continuous talking / music time and up to 175 hours of standby with a single charge, so you have less time charging and more time doing 
  6. more about sport headset

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