swept away makeup without leftover by braun, 6x effective than manual, OpenBox £25.30

condition : Open-Box and Very-Good
Packaging Braun Face 810 Women's Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush Electric Hair Removal - Ships with UK 2 pin plug may be damaged. All purchases eligible for Amazon customer service and a 30-day return policy

Precise Facial Epilation and Pore Deep Cleansing

Braun Face lets you enjoy two treatments with one device, simply switch the attachments.
Easy to use with proven results, Braun Face allows you to precisely remove facial hair by the root with the facial epilator plus cleanse skin pore deep with the facial brush. Your complexion can look visibly smooth, clear and fresh at the flick of a switch.
Highly practical, Braun Face is designed to fit seamlessly into your life. With its protective cap, the facial epilator is so discrete you can take it with you anywhere, anytime.

Absolute Precision at the Touch of a Button

When removing hair on your chin, upper lip and forehead or maintaining your eyebrows, precision is key. The compact design of Braun Face lets you handle it like a mascara wand for absolute control and accuracy.
The extra slim head with its 10 micro-openings gently captures even the finest hairs (0.2 mm), removing them from the root for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin.
With 200 plucking motions per second, the facial epilator is much more thorough and considerably faster than manual tweezers, and can remove hair 4x shorter than wax can catch.
It’s so gentle, you’ll be done before you know it.

Cleanse your Face 6x Better than by Hand



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