amazon wireless keyboard for TV or PC Windows 7, 8,10, Android 5.0, Chrome OS, 10 M Wireless range 18 months of battery life - £20.99

I'm a big fan of the Logitech K400 having had one for a few years now. It's well built and convenient to just pick up and use however you wish. So when I saw the newer K400 Plus on offer I thought I'd pick one up to use on another PC/TV setup. So these are my thoughts compared to the original K400 which is still on sale at the time of posting this.
At the back of the keyboard there's a raised section which serves as a battery compartment/stand but also sits comfortably in your hands when you hold it meaning you don't really have to grip it to keep hold of it. However Logitech has lowered the trackpad and made the buttons smaller compared to the original K400. So when holding the keyboard in its normal position you do have to stretch a little more (at least with my average sized hands) to reach the mouse buttons. It's still usable but not as comfortable. Logitech have done this to make room for dedicated volume control buttons, which could have been along the top where the music, home and lock buttons were. The left and right mouse buttons are less spongy though and you still have the left mouse button in the top left hand corner for your other hand to use, which is what you'll probably use most of the time.
The overall build quality of the K400 Plus is good but not as good as the original. The plastic edges aren't as smooth and gives everything a very cheap feel. The on/off switch also has taken a quality hit. The overall unit it supposed to be lighter but as you mostly hold it with two hands and the original was already very light, I can't say I really notice it.
With the original K400 I found that whilst typing I would go to use the right shift key without looking and press the up key instead. This would result in me typing half a sentence inside my last sentence. Very annoying at first but you quickly adjust like you do with any new keyboard thats a different size or has different spacing. With the K400 Plus they've made the right shift key longer which means you no longer have this problem. However to do so they've had to split the up and down arrow keys in half to fit on one key space. This won't be a problem for most but I use the arrow keys all the time, for scrolling up/down webpages and sometimes moving my cursor through text. I'm sure I'll get used to it but these tiny keys are not comfortable or natural to use.
The actual typing experience is the very similar. I'd say the keys are a little quieter and maybe slightly more solid. This could just be due to me comparing a brand new keyboard to an older well used one. If you are buying on typing experience then there's very little, if any, difference here and I wouldn't recommend the K400 if you plan on doing a lot of typing anyway.
Overall the K400 Plus is a very good Keyboard/Trackpad combo and well worth the full asking price. However if given the choice, even if it cost a little more, I would choose the original K400. As once you adjust to the short right shift key, it offers better build quality and a better positioned trackpad for an overall more comfortable experience.

Offers amazon wireless keyboard Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard for Windows - £20.99 & FREE PP in United kingdom 


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