How many jurassic park movies are there? get now >> Jurassic Park Collection £14.99

How many jurassic park movies are there? 
4 movie >> Jurassic Park Collection [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Deals Sunday, 12 March 2017 (GMT) now 14.99 GBP ,  limited time purchase soon
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Great collection Jurassic Park
 My grandson is obsessed with dinosaurs but there's only so many times you can watch 'Walking with Dinosaurs' or 'Planet Dinosaur' I previously had just one of these films, the third one, not because it's the best film because in my opinion it's the weakest one, but my friend ordered it from American when it first came out and it wouldn't play on her DVD player so she gave it to me. Anyway I tried my grandson with it and he loved it and it made such a nice change so I decided to order the complete set, after all they're films which have stood the test of time and I'd not seen the new film 'Jurassic World'
Delivery was very quick, it comes in one box with two cases inside, the three older films are in one case with the new one on its own. The only issue I had was one of the holding grips on the three case was broken on arrival which means it's very difficult to get the middle disk to stay in place also and this is a minor point but you have to select your language each time.
Most people I would imagine will have already seen the first three films at some point, out of the three the first one is the best in my opinion.
My favourite out of the set has to be the latest one 'Jurassic World' this could be partly because it's new and of course the dinosaurs are amazing because it is ultimately just a remake of the original, same idea, same mistakes and while I must admit I wouldn't have actually gone to see this film I did enjoy it way more than I expected on DVD.
This set is good value, well unless you already have the other films I suppose but in my case it's worked out well and I'm so glad I decided to purchase. more reviews Jurassic park



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