Oral B Stages Power Kids 3+ years, removes plaque without going to the dentist £12.99 - motif disney Brushing Fun! 25 March 2017 exp 23:59

Brushes multiple surfaces for a thorough clean
Cleans chewing surfaces
Reaches between teeth
Cleans just as gently as a soft manual brush
Makes brushing fun with Disney Princess characters 

Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush, Disney Princesses - £12.99  

Deal Price: £14.99 + FREE UK Shipping on Purchase dispatched by Amazon over £20


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of brushing teeth with a rechargeable electric toothbrush for kids?
Giving your children the power of a rechargeable electric toothbrush can help them get more thoroughly clean teeth, even if their technique is less than perfect.
How can the Disney MagicTimer App by Oral-B help my child brush longer?
The Disney MagicTimer App by Oral-B helps your child brush for a dentist-recommended two minutes by engaging them with fun Disney characters. When you scan your purchased Oral-B Stages product, the character from the item animates on your smart device and unlocks an image that will reveal itself the longer your child brushes their teeth. The more they brush, the more images they can unlock and there is even a helpful calendar to track their progress.
How can I be sure I’m choosing great oral care products for my child when there are so many choices?
Oral-B Stages dental health products are designed specifically to meet the oral care needs of every stage of your child’s development. When you’re shopping in oral care, look for the Oral-B Stages products that correspond to your child’s age and you can be confident that you’re choosing products designed to meet childhood needs.

Best review reshare Day UKDeals  :

The Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush is another excellent one from the Oral B stable.
I could just stop right there with that statement because that is really all you need to know that this is a brilliant toothbrush that will help you clean your teeth better.
The big secret is that the brush is exactly the same size as the adult but at a fraction of the price.
But I’d like to explain why I say this so if you would like to learn more read on Macduff.
At the time of writing (Black Friday 2016) this model has been reduced to an amazing price that you would expect to pay for the lowest basic toothbrush.
Oral B are also sponsoring Black Friday on Amazon too.
My simple advice is get it while you can.
Now this is a child’s toothbrush BUT it is a darned good one from Oral B and it is just as good if not better than the rest of their excellent range.
It features Star Wars with a brilliant looking Clone Trooper. Heck I would even but this for myself it looks that smart.
This should really encourage children to clean their teeth.
A neat feature is the timer which reminds your kids to switch position with brushing.
Now the slightly more technical and with a bit of sound advice thrown in for measure bit.
This is one of the better in the range simply because it cleans by rotating and oscillating your teeth so much better and more effectively than an ordinary manual one.
Simply put if you want to keep your teeth use an electric toothbrush.
• Now Oral B offer ' Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back: no risk for 60 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, receive a full refund.'
• So you really have no excuses NOT to try it out.
• Most fair minded people would agree that with an offer like this you have nothing to loose but everything to gain?
This model is a step up from the basic ones because it not only rotates but it oscillates as well.
Simply put it is much, much better at getting rid of all that plaque that gives you all the problems.
It is cheap for such a reliable and well designed brand.
It's made in Germany and those guys and gals know how to build good tec.
The brushes revolve at around 7,600 revs per minute on a strong charge and as I say earlier the oscillating head and bristles clean right between the teeth where a lot of the dental problems start. They get rid of much more plaque than manual and thus help to prevent gum disease and the dreaded Gingivitis.
It's rechargeable. A cable is provided and a two pronged plug so you will need one of those adaptors.
Amazon sell pretty good ones cheaply and of course you can take it with you on holiday and use one of the travel adaptor plugs.
Now you will need one if you go on holiday because the batteries hold a usable charge for only 5 days. So that's two 3 min brushes twice a day for 5 days.
The Pros
1.You can get non Oral B replacement heads that will fit for a cheap price copies.
2. It Oscillates! So that means more effective plaque removal.
3 You will use less toothpaste and thus save money.
and if that is not enough
4 Saves you pain in the future
5 Saves you the cost of high Dental Bills.
6.It's Rechargeable.
7. The big reduction in cost (at the time of writing
8. A free sample of Oral B Toothpaste.
and finally (honest)
9. there is that offer ' Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back: no risk for 60 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, receive a full refund.'
The Niggles
No settings for the Gums
You need an adapter to connect it to the mains.
here is a link to one on Amazon.

Shaver Adaptor (2pin To 3pin) 1amp

Now a few tips.
1. Only use a pea sized amount of toothpaste.
2. Let the brush do its work rather than try to use it like a manual toothbrush as you switch it on. (This one does tend to stall)
3. Just rinse your mouth slightly. (The fluoride in the paste will find its way to your teeth better via the body digesting it.)
4. If you use a baking soda type toothpaste (like the Arm and Hammer brands rinse your brush well because the soda can attack the plastic of the brush.
A down side of the brush is the cost. The heads are also very highly priced. (I was right there when I wrote that)
5) Get a cheapo copy of the brush heads. Read a few reviews and get the best one for the right price.
BUT and this is coming from a guy who try to save a few bob I can honestly say this electric tooth brush is worth every single penny.
If you think of just how much you would miss your teeth when they have gone then this
Don't you think this would be a decent investment in your child’s oral health?
So, as I say at the start and make no apologies for repeating again.
If you want to keep your children’s teeth in their heads rather than a box get an electric toothbrush like this one!

source : amazon customer 3 Nov. 2016


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