BARGAIN PLEMO Umbrella under 10 pound, no manual, 1 year guarantee, complete features

Being from 'oop north' an umbrella is a necessity at times as we have more than our fair share of rain. So after checking a few out on the net and reading some of the good reviews (thanks again folks - reviewing does work!) I thought I'd give the Plemo a go.
Plemo appear to have a good name and I could see why when the brolly arrived.
Closed up it's only 11.5 inches (just under a foot) and is fastened with a Velcro strap. A matching cover is provided. It also has a solid feel to it I must say. Does this mean the build quality is good?

The handle is rubberised to provide a comfortable grip which means you won't lose your grip in a gale and less hand ache in the long run. There is a button on the handle to extend the strong aluminium shaft and pop the wide umbrella canopy out. This is pretty quick and sleek so make sure there's a good bit of space in front of you beforehand as it's quite impressive the speed at which it pops! (remember Batfink's wings? A bit like that!) The same button will also collapse the canopy and you can then manually push the shaft back down, wrap it - strap it up and slide the cover back on.
The canopy designs on these is excellent and is made from a thicker than usual material which is very waterproofed. The canopy on the Plemo is bigger than the average canopy and can easily cover two people. The ribs of this umbrella are also of outstanding quality. They're stronger than any I've seen before and are quoted as being able to withstand wind speeds of up to 25 mph.
No more umbrellas flipping inside out, the canopy ripping off leaving you stood there holding what looks like a television aerial!
This is a great looking umbrella with excellent build quality which should last. I bought one of these for my sister and she was mightily impressed as was I.

TOP REVIEW  by KM 10 REVIEWER on 18 Oct. 2014

Deal Price: £9.99 (amazon)


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