OFFER BLACK SMARTPHONE : Wileyfox Spark X Dual SIM Free Smartphone £109.99

I bought this phone after my Samsung galaxy s4 broke, not having much cash and seeing this with a similar spec to the s4 at a nice price (£133) I took a gamble.
Well I've only had the phone for 2 days and it was worth the punt. The screen is bright and very clear, it handles normal web browsing and apps like Facebook with ease and quickly.
The camera works well, its reasonabley fast and the photos come out clear.
If you don't like the idea of those free games you download looking at your contacts/SMS messages because they have permissions you can tell the phone to block them! Its nice to keep your personal stuff personal!
I've been using the phone all day with average use its been off charge for 14 hours and I still have 44% left.
The phone feels a lot more expensive than it is and my colleagues at work laughed when I ordered it but they weren't laughing when it rocked up and saw it in action yesterday, they were very surprised.
The only downside I could say about it is the speaker is a little on the quiet side for listening to video/music it's not too bad but its not what I'm used to with the Samsung.
It also isn't filled with a the usual bloatware apps that other manufacturers force you to have on their phones.
Banking apps work well and simple games like cut the rope and angry bird are fine, but don't get this if you are thinking of running any graphically intense games as you may be disappointed.
Hopefully this review will help some of you.
Edit 28/12/16
The phone slipped out of my hands yesterday hit the floor and the screen smashed to pieces with a tough screen protector on it! The screen glass was very thin and no wonder it broke so easily, I contacted wileyfox to see if they would do a repair, they wanted between £60-£90 :-( the phone only cost £130). I contacted amazon and they said they would replace the phone free or charge. great customer service from amazon but very poor from wileyfox. I'll think twice from now on when looking in to a less well known brand.

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Expired : £109.99 & FREE Delivery in the UK

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