Half Price Portable Power Banks RAVPower 16750mAh £16.49 Black expired 23:59 today

The BIGGEST, BADDEST, FASTEST & BEASTIEST Power Bank on the block! 

WOW where to begin with this. IT IS FRIGGIN AMAZING!! I have had a few power bricks before (most just cheap ones) then I purchased this after doing some research through being fed up with them giving up on me. Let me tell you, this is about as good as it gets with portable battery tech.

15,000mah is huge it just keeps charging and charging and charging. I recently went on a roadtrip and covered almost 1,000 miles around the highlands of scotland. This thing basically kept all my GoPro 4 Batteries charged and when we were roaming about my iPhone 6 Plus too!! It never let me down once, even after a half charge of my iPhone 6 plus and three xGoPro 4 batteries it still had tons of grunt left in it.

I have mentioned the capacity but why is this different to others? Well the capacity is available from lots of other power banks but quality cells, build quality, fast charging ports and variable power charging are what sets this aside. There are not only two USB charging ports but they are super fast charging ports. Usually they are 1amp or 2.1 on higher end charging devices. Not with the RAV Power, this puppy has a 2.1 and a 2.4amp port. That basically translates to ultra fast charging of devices capable of accepting the higher power it can put out. I say devices capable because another feature of this unit is that it has iSmart technology which intelligently regulates the power by knowing what devices you connect to it. If you are charging a power guzzler like an iPad or other tablet then the power is cranked up and charging times are recduced, devices than cant handle the power get a smaller and slower zap of power to avoid damaging them. It can actually charge a lot of devices at a much faster rate than a standard mains wall USB charger which is again amazing.

There is also the crazy build quality, this thing is solid, chunky and heavy. The ports feel solid, it looks great and just doesnt look or feel like it will fall apart or break being thrown in and out of bags and lugged around on trips which is just aswell as the cells inside are rated for 500+ charge / discharge cycles before they lose power. To give you an idea of how many that is in real terms if you use this a few times a week and completely drain and recharge it then it will last you around 3 to 4 years!! That many years of juice for your devices for the current price of less than £23 is not just amazing value its madness.

There is also a small LED torch which is more handy than you might think I used it several times whilst on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere when looking through my bags. Another feature is the sleek looking blue LEDdisplay showing the amount of puff you have left in it before it will require a charge. Talking of charging the RAV Power packs a punch there too, most of these take forever to charge as the high capacity cells coupled with a 5v / 1.5amp charge input which also is a nice touch from RAV Power as most other manufacturers devices accept a much lower flow of power into the unit so cannot charge as quick as this. To be honest they have thought about what people want and need, they have designed it well, it looks great, performs great and is a beast of a power bank.
You simply cannot be dissapointed with this unit if you need power on the go.
Stay Charged For When You Need It Most
For the location independent businessman working on a tablet, nothing is more frustrating than a dead battery in the middle of a conference call. Thanks for the RAVPower 16750mAh power bank, it will keep you powered during all those critical moments. And it is safe when you take it on board an airplane.
Full Speed Charging
Our 5V RAVPower battery charger has 2 USB ports (2.1A max and 2.4A max) to allow for multiple device charges. You can rapidly charge your two tablets at the same time. Both have iSmart technology to match the input current of your device.
Charge, Recharge; Charge Repeat
The lithium-ion battery can charge your iPhone 5 over 7 times and your iPad mini twice. With over 500 lifetime charging cycles, the power bank could be used every day for a year and still be as useable as the day you bought it. A simple black matte, silver trim finish, and a handy pocket size allows you to charge from any location, any time, making this the first choice for power banks.
, review by theMiniMen on Amazon 
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