Alena is a new breed of “Supe” no... Venom and Vanilla by Shannon Mayer, £0.99

What if the only way to stay alive was to become something you were raised to scorn? With that choice hanging over her head, we meet successful yet charmingly naive Seattle pastry chef Alena Budrene. 

Alena faces the hardest decision of her life when she contracts a deadly virus, the only cure for which is to become a supernatural creature. The problem: many humans, including her own parents, see these beings as evil, but Alena goes through with the change anyway. As Alena realizes just what sort of legendary creature she’s been turned into and runs into a mythological foe sent to battle her to the death, she begins to shed her old self and becomes the strong, confident woman she always knew she was inside. 

Even though on the surface Alena’s world may be different from our own, her journey to let go of what she once thought was important in order to figure out what actually matters to her feels like one we’ve all taken ourselves. And by the end of the novel, Alena and I both learned that anyone can be given venomous fangs—but it takes a real heroine to know when to use them. show more


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