Drop price Dehumidifier,vol 16 Litre, 370 W, Vax,White-Silver £119.99 closed today

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This is a pretty impressive machine which seems to work well on three levels.
1. Keeping humidity levels down generally now that the windows are closed and the central heating is on.
2. Really helping with getting clothes dried faster. I hate using a tumble dryer and this seems like a perfect alternative. Pull the door to in a small to medium sized room and reckone the drying times are at least halved.
3. It looks as if it would pretty well as a fan unit in the summer to keep air moving around.
Very simple and intuitive to use. A light that changes colour on the front depending on the humidity level. Green is good, red less good and blue I think means way too dry.
Aesthetically okay. Very shiny white and a simple design. When not in use you can put it next to a wall but otherwise you need to have some room round it.
So why only four stars well:
The downside if you want to move it from floor to floor is that it is pretty heavy so if you live in a house with lots of stairs you might want to thnk about that. It's not a deal breaker but it is quite heavy even when the water tank is empty. Oh and as there is no handle to carry it if you are moving floors you have to hug it. On the same floor it is easy to move as it is on casters.
The reduced fan speed at night is quieter but personally would not want it in a bedroom. http://bit.ly/2e2RDAX
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closed 10-14-2016, 23:59 PM

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